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Book Club: Books & Biscuits, Co.

Ah, I’ve been secretly wishing for a group of gals to start a book club for the longest! Kind of like a personal Oprah’s Book Club version. I think my prayers were answered miraculously through Books & Biscuits, Co. November, the first month of our book club’s selection was an older text, Sawāniḥ:The Oldest Persian Sufi Treatise on Love by Ahmad Ghazzali. It deals with the basic understanding of the notions of love and what true love is between the lover (man) and the beloved (higher entity=Divine) with religious implications set forth metaphorically and majestically. I don’t think mere simple words can do any justice to the text.

For our first discussion session, we met at Prince Tea House in Flushing, NY and had dinner at Kabul Kabab, which isn’t too far from the tea house either. The tea house had such a classy and elegant setting. Forget any ordinary chained cafes or whatever! I mean, I can’t believe that I actually had my first tea party. Yeah, kind of late, I know! But nonetheless, I wanted to share some photos from the meet.

BBCO Collage

BBCO Collage2

First Time Checking out Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, NY


A brief update: After a long hectic week at work, I wanted to make the best of this past weekend. I got all of my travel gifts and shopping done for England/Italy and was also able to get a few other errands completed as well. Also, a very special childhood friend, who I haven’t seen in like 15-years came to town! He is literally a walking history of my brother and my childhood! The three of us headed out to Brooklyn to check out Smorgasburg, an open market for food vendors. I mean despite the car trouble and getting stuck on the super busy Atlantic Avenue, it was a great experience!

The city skyscraper view with a side of delicious and diverse delicacies were well-worth the trip. We tried some vegan beet burgers from Chickpea and Olive and some fresh oysters from Brooklyn Oyster Party. The beet flavor in the burger wasn’t empowering and was actually quite tasty! I never tried oysters before but with a dash of tabasco sauce and lemon juice, it wasn’t so bad! This place reminds me of the Bengali street fairs that I used to go to as a kid. What also brought back nostalgic feelings were seeing people drinking coconut water from coconuts! The last time I did that myself was almost 5-years ago in rural Bangladesh!  I can’t wait to go back again!




The Halal Guys Restaurant (New York, NY)


Continuing with my last post about The Halal Guys, they’ve finally opened a restaurant in the city at 14th Street! I decided to go check it out to see if there were any major differences with the food quality. Obviously there wasn’t but they’ve added additional side items to their menu like fries, tabbouleh, hummus, babaganoush, and etc. Their decor was artsy and attractive, but the only negative aspect that I can think of is the congested seating arrangement. The restaurant is always busy and packed so it is quite difficult to finding seating if you wish to dine in. Other than that, everything else was fine. Also, if any of you are wondering if the platter prices remain the same, yes it does and the spiciness of the hot sauce remains the same as well! Definitely worth checking out!





The Halal Guys Restaurant
307 E. 14th Street, New York, NY 10019