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The Halal Guys Restaurant (New York, NY)


Continuing with my last post about The Halal Guys, they’ve finally opened a restaurant in the city at 14th Street! I decided to go check it out to see if there were any major differences with the food quality. Obviously there wasn’t but they’ve added additional side items to their menu like fries, tabbouleh, hummus, babaganoush, and etc. Their decor was artsy and attractive, but the only negative aspect that I can think of is the congested seating arrangement. The restaurant is always busy and packed so it is quite difficult to finding seating if you wish to dine in. Other than that, everything else was fine. Also, if any of you are wondering if the platter prices remain the same, yes it does and the spiciness of the hot sauce remains the same as well! Definitely worth checking out!





The Halal Guys Restaurant
307 E. 14th Street, New York, NY 10019

Just Combo


My cousin might get real mad at me for blowing his secret eatery spot! Sorry Bhaiya! But I just had to! This isn’t your typical gyro cart food. You get even better quality food with a sit-down spot, a wide selection of salads and hummus/babaganoush! It’s located in a pretty low key area so I guess the locals are pretty aware of it. If you happen to be in Astoria looking for a nice sit down place AND are craving for shawarma, then you should definitely visit Just Combo! You get a good portion for what you pay for.


 $8 Mixed Combo Platter over Rice



The Halal Guys

After a long day at the museum and taking a walk on The High Line with my sister and girlfriend, we decided to go have lunch with The Halal Guys on 53rd Street & 6th Avenue. If you’re a New Yorker, then you already know about this particular gyro stand. If you’re not, then you must know that it’s worth visiting. They offer selections like chicken/lamb over rice or naan. The line could get really long during lunch hours and evening times but hey it’s totally worth the wait. Out of the many gyro carts in NYC, what distinguishes The Halal Guys from the rest are their rice, their sauces, and their meat. The meat is chopped into smaller pieces than other cart foods that I’ve tried but there’s something about the meat from The Halal Guys that makes it tasty no matter how simple the recipe is. The rice also complements the meat quite well. And I must mention how the hot sauce is ridiculously spicy. I think the simplicity of the food quality and taste is what makes customers keep coming back for some more. Another aspect worth noting is how friendly the guys are. They have some great marketing skills because they will occasionally walk by the whole line to hand out keychains with their logo on it. The guys even gave us an environmental friendly bag with their logo on it too! Not bad eh? Overall, lunch was great and we didn’t have to wait on line for too long. The guys were pretty fast in preparing our orders. If you happen to be visiting NYC from out of town, you should definitely visit The Halal Guys.